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My Services

  • We can come to you and introduce ourself and services

    1 hr

    100 Australian dollars

Soulful Memorials

Joleen offers a healing service and guidance in her services and has teamed up with people who put heart and soul into there ceremonies. After starting as a funeral director, arranger and mortuary assistant she has learnt from the ground up and saw an opening in the industry for more compassion.

3 years as a funeral celebrant in alliance with the companies of Perth she would like to give you an option outside of the cemetery at a much cheaper and honest price. Council permits are required for parks, beaches and outdoor spaces.


Beach Memorial

You can choose to buy the Deep Sea Ocean Urn to place the ashes in for ensoulment back into the sea.

PA system for music provided.

Sage ceremony provided for poeple to walk through as they proceed toward us by the primordial sea.

We then conduct the service as you would in a cemetery under a similar formula and can choose to place the ashes straight into the ocean or write messages on biodegradable paper to go in the urn.

Beer Glass

Pub Memorial 

Does it feel more aligned to your memorials in your loved ones favourite pub or lawn bowls and they just wouldn't want their ceremony to be solemn but more uplifting with good tunes. Choose your space.



The forest is a spiritual place of calm and bird call. Is your loved one a green person and would it resonate to hold their service in a forest setting. This felt more appropriate for me to hold a memorial in the forest with a sage blessing and by the fresh water lakes. 

We can add 32 Americana chairs for any setting you require within the CBD and a rainbow arbour $300-

Princess & Pa styling company

Additional chairs $3 per chair

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